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Mondeor Learning Programme


Outdoor, we offer playing facilities where children are given the opportunity to engage in physical activities. Muscle development and muscle co-ordination can be promoted only through the muscle movement of a child.


Games are organized in such a way that there is an opportunity for climbing, crawling, walking, jumping and running. Touch perception is enhanced by sandpit play and different textures found on the playground namely: grass, leaves, and a variety of textured sand.

Learning Programmes

We offer learning programs for all kids consisting of planned lessons throughout the year, developed in 7 categories:

  • Perception
  • Memory Skills
  • Creativity
  • Logical Thinking
  • Numeracy
  • Life Skills
  • Literacy

Strong emphasis on emotional skills such as:

  • Daring Deed
  • Co-operation
  • Goal setting
  • Self image
  • Enthusiasm
Promotes task orientation such as:

  • Concentration
  • Decision Making
  • Problem solving
  • Task Completion
  • Independence
  • Fine Detail Observation
  • Logical reasoning
  • Perseverance

Different skills are stimulated, developed and evaluated to ensure that any slight or serious developmental problems are identified and aid is given timeously. Learners with a high learning capacity are encouraged to develop a higher standard and to further their potential.


Individual Attention

A maximum of 20 learners are accommodated at a time, ensuring individual attention. Lessons are presented in an enjoyable, upbringing manner in a relaxed atmosphere, in the known surroundings of the centre.



Reports are issued twice a year based on continuos assesments and evaluation done during the term. Continual feed back is given by teachers as to the progress of learners, and their development.



1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • A positive self image, recounting own experiences
  • Discussing own experiences
  • A positive self image - encouragement to be independent
  • Independent feeding and toileting.

2. Physical Development

  • Perception - auditory and visual
  • Body awareness
  • Refining of basic skills
  • Physical activities daily (Gross Motor Skills)
  • Swimming

3. Communication, Language and Literacy

  • With specific emphasis on our weekly theme, their vocabulary is expanded in order to gain more knowledge and experience of the world around them. This is enhanced by regular trips and outings as well as visits from people in the community.
  • Stories and reading

 4. Development of Critical and Creative Thinking Skills

  • Mathematics
  • Art - development of fine motor co-ordination and creativity
  • Water and Sand play activities

5. Cultural Development

  • Music - Encouraged to participate in choirs, encouraged to perform solos
  • Art festival bi-yearly
  • Regular puppet shows
  • Flagship events.

6. Health

  • Well balanced,nutritious diet provided
  • Vaccination and routine check-ups

Art Activities

A deep rooted cultural instinct to express emotional feelings by means of Art, dated from the beginning of the existence of mankind. The exposure of toddlers to Art Instruction ensures holistic development and provides for an outlet for the lack of the spoken and written word and serves also as a launching platform in addressing his/her explorative mind.

Art education stimulates cognitive development, the corner stone on which all intellectual development is dependent. The development of creative thinking processes, such as problem solving, relationships and details, are thus provided for. Early identification of special art talents is of utmost importance. Our fully equipped facilities ensure a high standard throughout.


Music Activities

Music is one of the most potent performing arts and can have a great effect on a child's total development. Children participating in music, achieve some or other form of success, considering that it is experienced individually. This success leads to a sense of confidence and self-worth and gives the child courage to attempt more difficult learning tasks.

In order to give a child a well-round education, music is included as a basic subject. Children who participate in music have acute listening skills, are better focused and mentally more advanced.

Music is one of the most potent performing arts and can have a great effect on a child's total development. Music 

generally makes children happy! Nurture your child's musical ability, it will lay a foundation to be utilised for the rest of his/her life.

Our Branches

Mondeor Milestones ECD Centre

205 Ordingley Road. Mondeor, Johannesburg

Tel. No: (011) 680 1173

Mobile No: 083 885 8576

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Linmeyer Milestones ECD Centre 

199 Risi Avenue, Linmeyer, Johannesburg

Tel. No:  (011) 436 1665

Mobile No: 073 5000 769

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Kenilworth Milestones ECD Centre

136 Great Britain Street

Kenilworth, Johannesburg

Tel.No: (011)436 1665

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